International Symposium on

Revealing the history of the universe with underground particle and nuclear research 2019

Hosted by Scientific Research on Innovative Areas
Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, "Revealing the history of the universe with underground particle and nuclear research"

Date:2019 March 7-9

Venue:Aoba Science Hall(building H-04), Tohoku University

oral(Mar. 7th, Mar. 8th, Mar. 9th) /poster

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Mar 7: 11:25- (registration desk opens at 10:30)
Session 1: Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and related topics 1
chair: Tadafumi Kishimoto
timedurationspeakerfiletalk title
11:25 5' Kunio Inoue (RCNS, Tohoku University)pdfOpening
11:30 40' Fuminobu Takahashi (Tohoku University)pdf An optimistic view of inflaton hunt
12:10 30' Koichi Hamaguchi (University of Tokyo)pdf Leptogenesis
12:40 60' Lunch
Session 2:Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and related topics 2
chair: Koichi Hamaguchi
timedurationspeakerfiletalk title
13:40 30' Fedor Simkovic(Comenius University and JINR Dubna)pdfNeutrinoless double beta-decay mechanisms, matrix elements and quenching of gA
14:10 20' Shao-Feng GE (Kavli IPMU & UC Berkeley) pdf Null Observation of Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay is Probably Even Better
14:30 25' Kunio Inoue (RCNS, Tohoku University) pdf KamLAND-Zen
14:55 25' Tadafumi Kishimoto (Osaka University) pdf CANDLES for the study of 48Ca double beta decay and its future prospect
15:20 20' break
Session 3:Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and related topics 3
chair: Sei Yoshida
timedurationspeakerfiletalk title
15:40 25' Luigi Pertoldi (Universita degli Studi di Padova & INFN Padova)pdfSearching for the neutrinoless double-beta decay with Gerda PhaseII: status and latest results
16:05 25' Matteo Biassoni (INFN - Milano Bicocca)pdf Results from the CUORE experiment
16:30 25' Fabrice Piquemal (CENBG/IN2P3)pdf Angular measurement with NEMO3/SuperNEMO
16:55 25' Julieta Gruszko (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)pdfLEGEND: The Large Enriched Germanium Experiment for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
17:20 20' break
Session 4:Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and related topics 4
chair: Kunio Inoue
timedurationspeakerfiletalk title
17:40 25' Atsuko Ichikawa (Kyoto University) pdf Seach for neutrinoless double beta decay with high pressure Xenon gas TPC
18:05 25' Sei Yoshida ( Osaka University) pdf Low temperature detector for underground nuclear and particle research
18:30 30' panel toward 1meV
Mar 8: 9:00-
Session 5: Dark Matter, axion, and related topics 1
chair: Yasuhiro Kishimoto
timedurationspeakerfiletalk title
9:00 40' Natsumi Nagata (University of Tokyo) pdf Dark Matter Theory
9:40 40' Kaixuan Ni (UCSD) pdf Direct Detection of Dark Matter with Liquid Xenon
10:20 30' Kohei Yorita (Waseda University) pdf Review on Liq Ar detectors
10:50 20' break
Session 6: Dark Matter, axion, and related topics 2
chair: Kentaro Miuchi
timedurationspeakerfiletalk title
11:10 30' Hyun Su Lee (Institute for Basic Science) pdf Dark matter search with NaI(Tl) crystals and COSINE-100 experiment
11:40 30' Yasuhiro Kishimoto (University of Tokyo) pdf The XMASS experiment
12:10 30' Shigetaka Moriyama (University of Tokyo) pdf Direct dark matter search with XENONnT
12:40 60' Lunch
Session 7: Dark Matter, axion, and related topics 3
chair: Shigetaka Moriyama
timedurationspeakerfiletalk title
13:40 30' Sven Vahsen(University of Hawaii) pdf Review of Directional Dark Matter Detection
14:10 20' Kentaro Miuchi (Kobe University) pdf NEWAGE
14:30 20' Tatsuhiro Naka(Nagoya University) pdf NEWS-dm
14:50 20' break
Session 8: Dark Matter, axion, and related topics 4
chair: Tatsuhiro Naka
timedurationspeakertalk titlefile
15:10 40' Masahiro Kawasaki (University of Tokyo) pdf Axion Cosmology
15:50 40' Andreas Ringwald (DESY) pdf Searches for Axions and Axion-Like Particles
16:30 20' break
Session 9: Dark Matter, axion, and related topics 5
chair: Kohei Yorita
timedurationspeakertalk titlefile
16:50 30' Atsushi Tokiyasu (Tohoku University)pdf AXION experiments in Japan
17:20 40' Masahiro Ibe (University of Tokyo) pdf Asymmetric Dark Matter
Poster Session
18:00 120' poster session program/banquet Science Hall
Mar 9: 9:00-
Session 10: Neutrino and related topics 1
chair: Yasuo Takeuchi
timedurationspeakerfiletalk title
9:00 45' Hideyuki Suzuki (TUS)pdf Supernova Overview
9:45 25' Mark Vagins (IPMU) pdf SK and SK-Gd
10:10 25' Koji Ishidoshiro(Tohoku University)pdf Nearby Supernovae with KamLAND
10:35 15' break
Session 11: Neutrino and related topics 2
chair: Makoto Sakuda
timedurationspeakerfiletalk title
10:50 30' Maury Goodman (ANL) pdf The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
11:20 30' Takatomi Yano (ICRR, Tokyo) pdf Neutrino Astrophysics at Hyper-Kamiokande
11:50 30' Aya Ishihara (Chiba) pdf Neutrino and multimessenger astrophysics with IceCube
12:20 60' lunch
Session 12: Neutrino and related topics 3
chair: Hideyuki Suzuki
timedurationspeakerfiletalk title
13:20 30' Jacob Daughhetee (Tennessee) pdf COHERENT:Recent Results and FutureProspects
13:50 30' Andrzej Odrzywolek (Jagiellonski) pdf Developement of pre-supernova neutrinos
14:20 25' Takashi Yoshida (U.Tokyo) pdf Presupernova neutrinos relating to the final evolution of massive stars
14:45 15' break
Session 13: Neutrino and related topics 4
chair: Koji Ishidoshiro
timedurationspeakerfiletalk title
15:00 25' Makoto Sakuda (Okayama) pdf Study of Gd(n,gamma) reaction and gamma rays from giant resonances of 12C and 16O
15:25 25' Ko Nakamura (Fukuoka) pdf Systematic features of neutrino from core-collapse supernovae
15:50 25' Tomoya Takiwaki (NAO)pdf Signature of Collective Neutrino Oscillation in 8.8M_s star
16:15 15' summary Kunio Inoue (RCNS, Tohoku University)
16:30 end of the workshop

poster presentations

number name (institute)poster title
1 Nanami Kawada (RCNS, Tohoku Univ.) A search for neutrinos correlated with solar flare using KamLAND
2 Haruhiko Miyake (RCNS, Tohoku Univ.)Background Estimation of mini-balloon supporting structure for KamLAND-Zen
3 Tomonori Ikeda (Kobe Univ.)Latest Results of the NEWAGE
4 Kazufumi Sato (the University of Tokyo, ICRR)Quartz Chamber for Future Dark Matter Search with Xenon Detector
5 Kazumi Hata (Tokushima University)a neutron response evaluation of NaI (Tl) scintillator for exploration of the universe dark matter
6 Masato Kimura(Waseda University) Measurement of the scintillation efficiency for nuclear recoils in double-phase argon detector for low mass WIMP search
7 Bouke Jung (Nikhef)The effect of decreasing PMT gains on event reconstruction in KamLAND-Zen
8 Shuhei Obara (Kyoto Univ.)Basic Study of Positive Ion Detection at TPC for 0v2b search
9 Keita Mizukoshi (Osaka Univ.)Ambient neutron measurement in an underground laboratory
10 yuto kamei (RCNS)Study on Liquid Scintillator Purification using a Metal Scavenger
11 Seisho Abe (RCNS, Tohoku univ.) Simulation for T2K neutrino interaction at KamLAND
12 Milad Delfan Azari (Waseda University)Linear Analysis of Fast-Pairwise neutrino flavor conversions in Core-collapse supernovae based on the results of Boltzmann-Neutrino-Radiation_hydrodynamics code
13 Kota Ueshima (Tohoku University RCNS)Liquid Xenon detector R&D for 0v2b search
14 Yuuki Nakano ( ICRR)Search for neutrinos in Super-Kamiokande associated with gravitational wave events
15 Nobuo Hinohara (Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba) Finite-amplitude method for double-beta decay nuclear matrix elements
16 Shih-Yen Tseng (The University of Tokyo)Minimal gauged U(1)_{L_\alpha - L_\beta} models driven into a corner
17 Ryuichi Ueno(Kobe university)Evaluation of the performance of the XENONnT neutron veto via Monte Carlo simulation
18 Atsuto Takeuchi(RCNS, Tohoku Univ.)Study On 10C Background reduction for KamLAND2-Zen
19 Xiaolong Li (Osaka University) Development of Scintillating Bolometer with CaF2 crystal for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay of Ca-48
20 Yoshiyuki Fukuda (Miyagi Universtiy of Education)ZICOS ?Neutrinoless double beta decay experiment using Zr-96 in organic liquid scintillator-
21 Masamichi Zaizen (The University of Tokyo)Collective neutrino oscillations and matter effects in failed supernova
22 Wen Yin ( Department of Physics, KAIST)Moduli problem and low-scale inflation
23 Kohei Matsuoka (Faculty of Eng., Univ. of Fukui)Isotope enrichment of Ca by laser-deflection method
24 Inori Todoroki (Nagoya, Univ.)Potential of emulsion as environmental neutron detector in underground laboratory
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