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Revealing the history of the universe with underground particle and nuclear research 2016

Hosted by Scientific Research on Innovative Areas
Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, "Revealing the history of the universe with underground particle and nuclear research"

Date:2016 May 11-13

Venue:Koshiba Hall, University of Tokyo

Program (as of May11, 2016)

May 11: 11:30- registration


oral presentations

May 11: 10:30- registration (posters can be set up)
Session 1:Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and related topics
time duration talk title name file
chair: S. Yoshida
12:20 10' Opening K. Inoue (RCNS, Tohoku University) slide
12:3040' Testing Leptogenesis W. Buchmuller (DESY) slide
13:1020' Affleck-Dine leptogenesis and its backreaction to inflaton dynamics M. Yamada(Tohoku University) slide
13:3040' Double beta review and CUORE Y. Kolomensky (UC Berkeley) slide
14:1020' coffee
chair:Y. Kolomensky
14:3030' New result of KamLAND-Zen K. Inoue (RCNS, Tohoku) slide
15:0030' CANDLES S. Yoshida (Osaka) slide
15:3020' Constraining effective neutrino mass by nuclear structure Y. Iwata slide
15:5020' The Status and Initial Results of the Majorana Demonstrator Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay Experiment R. Henning slide
16:1050'coffee and poster
chair: H. Sekiya
17:00 40' Underground experiments in Korea YD Kim (IBS) slide
17:40 20' AXEL - high pressure xenon gas TPC for neutrinoless double beta decay search K. Nakamura slide
18:00 20' ZICOS - A new project for neutrinoless double beta decay experiment - Y. Fukuda slide
May 12
Session 2:Dark Matter
chair: K. Hamaguchi
9:00 40' Current Status and Future Prospects of WIMP Paradigm S. Matsumoto (Kavli IPMU, Tokyo) slide
9:4040' DM searches at LHC/ATLAS O. Jinnouchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology) slide
10:2020' coffee
chair: Y. Kishimoto
10:4040' A Dark Needle in a Bright Haystack: Two Stories of Astrophysical Searches for Dark Matter S. Profumo (University of California, Santa Cruz) slide
11:2040' Hydrodynamic simulations and dark matter direct detection N. Bozorgnia (GRAPPA) slide
12:0020' Structures of Dark Matter Halos and Their Impact on Detection Experiments T. Ishiyama(Chiba University) slide
12:2080' lunch
chair: K. Miuchi
13:4040' The direct detection of dark matter: current status and future prospects. A. Brown (Nikef) slide
14:2040' The LUX and LZ Dark Matter Search Experiments: recent results and future A. Bernstein slide
15:0020' coffee
chair: N. Spooner
15:2030' Recent results from XMASS Ichimura(ICRR) slide
15:5020' The DEAP-3600 Dark Matter Direct Detection Experiment J. Monroe(Royal Holloway, University of London) slide
16:1020' coffee
chair: J. Monroe
16:3040' Developments in the World’s deep underground science laboratories S. Paling (STFC Boulby Underground Laboratory) slide
17:1040' Review of DM Directional detection N. Spooner (University of Sheffield) slide
17:5020' NEWAGE K. Miuchi (Kobe University) slide
18:105' Photo
18:30120' Banquet
May 13
Session 3:Neutrino
chair: K. Ishidoshiro
9:0040' Review of SN theory B. Dasgupta (Tata) slide
9:4030' Supernova neutrinos and Supernova Relic Neutrinos using a Water Cherenkov Detector M. Nakahata (ICRR, Tokyo) slide
10:1020' coffee
chair:M.Wurm (Mainz)
10:3040' Recent progress in supernova progenitor theories H. Umeda (Tokyo) slide
11:1030' Theoretical study of supernova relic neutrinos K. Nakazato (Kyushu) slide
11:40100' lunch
chair:B. Dasgupta (Tata)
13:2030' Supernova as sources of multi-messenger signals Ko Nakamura (Waseda) slide
13:5020' The final evolution of massive stars observed by pre supernova neutrinos T. Yoshida(University of Tokyo) slide
14:1020' Properties of pre-supernova neutrino in collapsing phase ~ towards comprehensive neutrino studies C. Kato(Waseda university) slide
14:3020' coffee
chair: M.Sakuda
14:5040' Prospects for detecting the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background in JUNO M. Wurm (Mainz) slide
15:3030' Recent Progress on Hyper-Kamiokande Project T. Sekiguchi (KEK) slide
16:0010' Closing K. Inoue (RCNS, Tohoku University)

poster presentations

number name (institute)poster title
1 shuhei OBARA ( RCNS, Tohoku Univ. ) Inner-balloon uninstallation and new balloon production
2 keigo soma ( RCNS, Tohoku Univ ) Study for Directional Measurement of Electron Anti-Neutrino in Liquid Scintillator
3 Takahiko Hachiya ( RCNS, Tohoku University ) Prospects of 212Bi-212Po Background in KamLAND2-Zen
4 Yutaka Shirahata ( RCNS,Tohoku Univ. ) Study for Directional Measurement of Electron Anti-Neutrino in Liquid Scintillator U
5 Yuna Shibukawa ( RCNS,Tohoku University ) method for measurement of radioactive surface contamination by scintillation film
6 Hideyoshi Ozaki ( RCNS,Tohoku University ) Refurbishment of KamLAND outer detector
7 Tsuyoshi Maeda ( Osaka University ) New Micro-TCA base DAQ system for CANDLES
8 Takaki Ohata ( Osaka University ) Study of internal background of crystals for CANDLES
9 Takashi Iida ( Osaka University ) Development of Calcium Iodide scintillator for future dark matter search
10 Konosuke Tetsuno ( Osaka University ) Development of scintillating bolometer for 48Ca neutrinoless double beta decay search
11 Shunsuke Tanaka ( Kyoto Univ. ) Development of the front-end board of a Xenon gas Time Projection Chamber at the AXEL neutrinoless double beta decay search experiment
12 Tomonori Ikeda ( Kobe University ) Negative Ion TPC Development for Direction-Sensitive Dark Matter Search
13 Takashi Hashimoto ( Kobe University ) Background study and reduction for NEWAGE
14 Ryota Yakabe ( Kobe University ) Head-tail study of recoil nuclear tracks
15 Takayoshi Katsuragawa ( Nagoya University ) NEWS-experiment for directional dark matter search with Nuclear emulsion
16 Hiromasa Ichiki ( Nagoya University ) study of quantum sensitivity and fluorescence for cryogenic NIT
17 Tatsuki Washimi ( Waseda university ) The ANKOK project - Status of R&D toward Low mass WIMP search
18 Satoshi Tsuchida ( Ritsumeikan University ) The cosmic positron fraction from annihilation of Kaluza-Klein dark matter
19 Takayuki Fujii ( Tokyo university of science ) Numerical calculations of supernova-neutrino oscillations using density-matrix
20 Kaito Hagiwara (Okayama University) Gamma Production From The Thermal Neutron Capture On Natural Gadolinium, ^155 Gd and ^157 Gd
21 Tatsuki Ose ( University of Tokyo ) Feasibility study of Axion and WIMP search experiment with SOI pixel detector
22 Wei Min CHAN ( Osaka University ) Study of Ta-180m Isomer Decay by Ultra-low Background HPGe Detector
23 Xiaolong Li ( Osaka University ) Development of a New Technique to Reject Surface Background by Scintillating Film for Dark Matter Research
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